Introducing the Tiki Essentials Party Kit

Tiki Party with Dancing

Do you consider yourself a tikiphile? Do you know someone who does? Did you even know that “tikiphile” was a word? Well, it’s not in the Oxford English Dictionary (yet), but it is a commonly used word among those who consider themselves tikiphiles. Urban Dictionary defines the noun in the following way: “vintage life-stylists who frequent Tiki lounges, listen to exotica music, collect Polynesian art, wear vintage Hawaiian clothing, [and] mix a mean drink.”

We’ve always catered this group with a nice array of tiki supplies  – from bar decor and furniture to tiki cocktail ingredients and glassware. But never before have we offered an all-encompassing kit for the aspiring tikiphile. Until today that is. It is with great pleasure that I bring you the Tiki Essentials Party Kit.

Tiki Party Essentials Kit


This unique assortment has everything you need to deck out your space like the tropical oasis you wish it was. I believe Don the Beachcomber himself would agree.

The kit includes the following…

Festive Strand of Tiki Lights

tiki string lights

12 Hibiscus Flower Leis (Polyester)

Hibiscus Flower Leis

12 Tiki Cups

Tiki Cups

4 Exotic Hula Girl Coasters

tiki hula girl coasters

144 Bright Drink Umbrellas

Tiki Drink Umbrellas

24 Tiki Stir Sticks

Tiki Stir Sticks



Just add the Zombies, Navy Grogs, and other terrific tiki cocktails and get ready to feel those cool island breezes.

You may not live on the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a serious tiki party! So, get the kit today, and check out the rest of our tiki supplies here!

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