Iowa Celebrates a Year of High-Proof Beer

Until March 2010 when the state declared a new “high proof beer” law, brewers in Iowa had to limit their beers to potencies of 6.25% ABV or below. Now, with the ability to make beers as high as 15%, Iowans have a reason to celebrate.

Millstream Brewing CoMillstream Brewing Co. is commemorating the one year anniversary with Hop2 Double IPA, a 7.8% ABV Imperial India Pale Ale. Under Iowa’s old law, although the brewery may have been able to brew it, they would not have been able to sell it by the bottle.

According to Chris Priebe, Millstream’s brewmaster said, “It’s great. It’s really broadened my ability to brew. It’s increased our range of product, opened up the recipes we can use, and even improved some of the beers we made already.”

Of course, the law wasn’t changed in order to get people intoxicated faster (anyone who cares for craft beer knows this) but “it is more about embracing the flavors – more malt, more hops, more yeast characteristics. These are beers not bought by the 12-pack. They are bought as single beers to be savored,” said Dave Coy, brewmaster of Raccoon River Brewing Co.

More flavor and complexity for brewers and consumers alike? Now that’s something worth celebrating!


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