iPhone App Tells How Fresh Your Beer Is

There’s an iPhone application called BeerDate Codes that brilliantly decodes the code on beer bottles and cans. Designed for consumers, retailers, distributors and brewery personnel alike, it covers more than 98% of the beers in the US market.

Not only does it list and index beers by name and supplier, it also sorts them by calories, styles, and types. You can get pertinent brand information and there’s a page that will tell you how to decode the dates on that particular product.

BeerDate Codes iPhone App

The beers with more complicated coding include a calculator (with rotating dials) and the iPhone will interpret the code for you.

So what are they evaluating? Beers either use a "Production Date" (also called "Born on Date") or a "Pull Date." When there’s a production date, the application takes that and then adds the known shelf life to tell you when it should be consumed by.

It’s nice to know when a beer was born but it’s more important to know when it will die. The "Pull Date" is simply when the beer should no longer be sold.

BeerDate Codes iPhone App

If a shelf life is not known (or disclosed by the brewery), a standard 120 days Is used for domestics and 1 year is used for imports.

We’ve just downloaded the $0.99 app ourselves so we’ll have to report back on how the stores in our area are doing once we test it out. Anyone else given it a try?


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