Irish Potato Candy Returns – 48 Days Until St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Potato Candy

St. Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it – and I know this because we’ve got the incredibly delicious Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes back in stock.

They’re not Irish and they’re certainly not potatoes – but they are my favorite St. Patrick’s Day treat, aside from beer. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible for me to resist these bite-sized servings of soft, sweet coconut cream rolled in cinnamon – to the point that I’m kind of glad they’re not available year round, just because it wouldn’t be good for my health.

If you like coconut, and you haven’t had the sincere pleasure of tasting these delicacies, do yourself a favor and get a box. I won’t even judge you if you decide not to share. Just be sure to order them while you can; they sell out quickly and if your addiction ends up being anything like mine, you’ll really appreciate the advanced notice.

Happy snacking!

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