We Got A Situation….

If you weren’t one of the millions watching MTV’s Jersey Shore every Thursday, then you most certainly missed out. Love it or hate it, if you saw it once, chances are you were hooked.

Each week we saw a house full of 8 “guidos” and “guidettes” (well, 7 once Angelina’s antics got her kicked out of the Shore House) basically just do what they do best; party, fight, tan, workout, dance, drink, rock the hot tub & (for the guys in the house) pick-up girls.

Rather than go into full details about the show, all I can say is if you haven’t seen it, you need to. The DVD set is coming out February 23rd and you can probably catch re-runs on MTV every other hour.

So why are you reading about this on the KegWorks blog? Well, that’s because Iron Hill Brewery is actually naming a beer after Mike “The Situation*” Sorrentino. Yep…”The Situation,” now in brew form.

Jersey Shore The Situation

They were calling it “Golden Barleywine,” though it’s hardly a barleywine at all, some called it a Double IPA but that didn’t fit either – it was a beer that needed a name. Since it was so tough to categorize, much like “The Situation” himself, calling it “The Situation” seemed to fit perfectly.

Iron Hill’s New Jersey location head brewer, Chris LaPierre, plans on getting himself a fake tan and a “Pauly D Style” blow out for the launch at the brewery’s Maple Shade, NJ location on Feb 20th. “Put it on your calander. It should be a good time. You’re going to be happy with The Situation.” LaPierre writes on the brewery’s website.

For those in the area, be sure and stop by for a pint of “The Situation”! For those in OUR area, be sure to stop by PURE Nightclub this Friday night (Jan 29th – W. Chippewa, Buffalo NY) to hang out with “Snooki” from the Jersey Shore cast. She doesnt have her own beer (yet), but I hear she’s working on her own brand of pickles.

* For those who haven’t seen the show, Mike referred to his 6-pack abs as “The Situation,” which also became his own self-appointed nickname.



  • Liz January 27, 2010 @ 1:57pm

    This definitely deserves a fist pump! Nice find Don.

    I say we get the office together for a marathon – the show, a case of The Situation and some good ol’ pasta with Ma’s sauce. Who’s with me?

  • Hannah January 27, 2010 @ 2:43pm

    I’ll pop by for a beer and bowl of noms but don’t think I can stomach an episode, let alone a marathon XD

  • Deron January 27, 2010 @ 8:01pm

    I think watching this show actually causes brain damage.

  • Ed January 29, 2010 @ 3:42pm

    @Liz: Until I saw this comment, I always thought you had good taste… Now I just know it’s limited to hats and beer! (sigh) [wink] HA!

    @Deron: I suspect brain damage is actually a requirement for watching… (Liz, you might be one of the very few exceptions to this statement, so go right ahead and ignore that comment to Deron. )

    πŸ˜› XD

  • Hannah January 29, 2010 @ 3:44pm


  • Liz February 2, 2010 @ 5:03pm


    Don’t worry Ed, I was *mostly* just kidding πŸ™‚

    I sincerely doubt I will enjoy the Situation Beer and I can think of much better ways to spend time with my co-workers after hours.

    In my defense, although I have watched – I think of show in the same way I think of a train wreck – it’s without a doubt horrendous yet at the same time the horror of it all makes it so fascinating that it’s hard to look away.

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