It’s All About the Chalk Markers

I only write about new products when they’re exceptionally awesome and these chalk markers fall into that category. As simple as they may be, using them makes all the difference. We use a chalkboard tap handle (this one, actually) on our office kegerator and Hannah and I were always asked to write out the latest beer selection because we had favorable chick writing and the chalk was kind of a pain to write with.

Since we got the chalk markers in, no one asks us anymore! Everyone wants to write with these things. They’re actually made to write on any non-porous surface – so glass, mirrors, plastics and metals aren’t off limits. They’re smear-proof and resistant to rain, making them great for outdoor sandwich boards or tabletop message boards. What you write actually stays on – unless you actively choose to wipe it off with a little bit of water.

Chalk Markers on Our Chalkboard Tap Handle

There’s thin tip and thick tip options. I’ve got a pack of the thick tip ones in my desk and we use them all the time now. Check out our latest tap board label, it’s pretty cool – if I do say so myself. Nice work, Ed!


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