Jello Shots Tampa Style

Recently, I took a weekend trip to Tampa to see my brother. The air was so thick I could barely breathe. It took my Western New York chassis the entire trip to adjust to the syrupy breeze and the scalding sun.

Just like here in Buffalo, those that live there seem to adjust; They adjust to the sweltering summers just as New Yorkers adjust to the blistery winters. In Florida, adapting appears to rely on a few simple staples: air-conditioning, Xbox and Jello shots.

On a visit to a friend’s house, we were greeted with a tray of Jello shots to cool us down. Now this seemed to take the sizzle out of the air for a bit. I haven’t had a Jello shot in years, but these were not your average college Jello shot – they were loaded with tequila and Grand Marnier. Whoa.

The party host didn’t have a name for them, so we’ll just call them Jello Shots – Tampa Style. So, if you’re really hot this summer (or just want a really nice buzz) give these a try.Jello Shot

12 oz boiling ginger ale
2 boxes lemon Jell-O
8 oz tequila
4 oz amaretto
8 oz Grand Marnier

Mix the Jell-O and boiling ginger ale until the powder is fully dissolved. Let this mixture cool to room temperature. (If you don’t let it cool, the alcohol will evaporate.) Then, add the tequila, amaretto and Grand Marnier. Pour the mixture into paper cups. Refrigerate until set.

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