Jello Shots… With a Twist!

Normally, I wouldn’t advocate the consumption of Jello shots. They disappear quickly and are dangerously efficient. I prefer to enjoy the taste of whatever beverages I happen to imbibe, not suck them down as fast as humanly possible.

Twist N Shot Jello CupsThat said, we just a received a new product that deserves mention based on its clever nature. Twist’n Shot gelatin cups have a simple mechanism that removes the one gelatin-related hassle: getting it from the cup to your stomach so it can work its intoxicating magic.

If you’ve had a Jello shot, you understand the predicament. It takes all kinds of cup crushing, finger digging and embarrassing slurping to liberate the Jello from the cup. With a deviously simple twist of your wrist, these shots cups do all the work for you. Come to think of it, they remove the one obstacle to an obscenely high blood alcohol content. In all seriousness, please enjoy your Jello shots responsibly.

These cups come 20 to a box, two ounces each. Go ahead and have a nice, large party with, oh, say 20 people. Pass out Twist’n Shots, one to each person. I guarantee they’ll be a huge hit. Then, go ahead and toast the inventive spirit of the human race, especially the clever geniuses that thought of Twist’n Shots before you did.

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