Yargh! Thar Be Jewels in Ye Icebox, Me Mateys!

This past weekend was spent moving into my new place in Buffalo. And while heavy boxes, squished fingers and strained backs seemed to be the orders of the day, I made some time to sit and rehydrate with family and friends that helped me move. While rediscovering furniture that has spent the better part of 2 years in storage, I got a chance to show off my authentic British pint glasses and a couple of other personal purchases I made from work recently. Not surprisingly, the hits of the weekend seemed to be the Bone Chillers and Cool Jewels ice molds by Fred.

Cool Jewels Ice Cube TraysThese really are some cool ice molds – and they are, without a doubt, worlds away from the big, clunky aluminum trays we had as kids. I remember that my brother and I would dare each other to stick our tongues to the aluminum trays – just for fun. I even remember that the big, ugly, utilitarian monsters even had a lever built into it so you’d have to pull it to eject the ice. How scary is that? Do you remember those? If not, I’m just dating myself, I guess.

With the help of modern technology, the days of fingers or tongues stuck to an ice tray (or pinched by monster lever arms) are a thing of distant memory – and we Cool Jewels Ice Cubeshave more than just plain, ordinary cubes to show for it.

If you have any doubts about how cool these are, just ask my 4 year old nephew, DJ, or 6 year old niece, Stephie. For the record, neither of them are drinkers (unless you count juice boxes in the list of “hard drinks”). And while you may doubt their choice of drink, you can definitely trust that these kids know cool when they see it.

DJ loves the Bone Chillers (what he calls “pirate ice cubes”) and Stephie is definitely partial to the Cool Jewels – since she’s all about the jewelry already. Pirates and “girls’ best friends” aside, these silicon molds are sure to liven up your home bar, holiday, or next family gathering regardless of age.

Bone Chillers Ice Cube TraysHere’s a little something for the kiddos (or perhaps your inner child) to enjoy. Have fun!

DJ’s Pirate Gut Juice
Prepare and pour Cherry flavored Kool-Aid into Bone Chiller mold and freeze. In a regular glass, pour prepared lime Kool-Aid. Serve with the prepared cherry Kool-Aid Bone Chiller ice. The red skull and crossbones are a really gross contrast against the green Kool-Aid. Perfect for little ones who are clearly made of snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Princess Stephie’s Royal Beauty Potion
Bone Chillers Ice CubesPour orange juice into Cool Jewels mold and freeze. Serve over 7-Up or mixture of half 7-Up and half cherry Kool-Aid. Fit for a princess!

Now that the little ones are all taken care of, it’s time for you to make a little something for yourself. Go on and plop a leftover skull and crossbone or an ice diamond into that drink. You know you deserve it!


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