Join the Fight: Free the Hops

Free the HopsA non-profit organization has taken root in Alabama with the mission of bringing craft beer from around the world to the state of Alabama. In 2009, Free the Hops (FTH) passed The Gourmet Beer Bill, allowing Alabamians to enjoy beers with ABVs up to 13.9%, instead of up to only 6% ABV. Hundreds of new artisan beers entered the state, but there’s still more for FTH to do now, in 2011.

Free the Hops is pushing two new bills in Alabama:

1. The Brewery Modernization Act
This act would remove old, outdated restrictions that prevent breweries in Alabama from operating pubs. It would also make it easier for people to open brewpubs in the state, as well as allow these brewpubs to sell their beers to other stores and pubs.

2. The Gourmet Bottle Bill
This bill is pushing to increase maximum bottle size in the state of Alabama. Currently, beer can only come in 16-ounce or less packages. The problem with this is that many craft beers come only in 22-ounce or 750 ml bottles. Increasing package size would allow for more artisan brews to enter the Alabamian market.

Best of luck to our friends down south in changing these laws to fully enjoy the craft beer movement.


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