Keg Pumps: Summer Beers, Make Me Feel Fine…

…blowing through the hops field in my mind… (read in the tune of the Isley Brothers’ hit, and curse me later for getting it stuck in your head).

Yes, summer is heating up and people are beginning to gather outdoors instead of in. Instead of filling coolers with piles of cans and rows of bottles, grab an ice cold keg of your favorite brew. Draft beer tastes better, costs less than cans and bottles, and you won’t have anywhere near as much glass and aluminum to clean up or take back for recycling.

What are your options for getting keg beer into your cup? Here’s three:

Bronco Beer PumpParty Pumps (also called Picnic Pumps or Keg Taps) are quick, easy, inexpensive hand-operated beer pumps that work great for single kegs of US domestic beer, like Coors and Bud. We now also have a Bronco party pump available for some European brews.

Deluxe Pumps are still hand-operated but more versatile and heavy duty. Simply swap out the coupler if you want to switch up the kind of beer you’re serving, from American pilsner to European lager to Bass ale, you’re golden.

CO2 Dispensing Keg Pumps allow you to serve your favorite beers without pumping! They even come with a CO2 tank, so as long as you keep the beer cold, it will stay crisp for weeks. CO2 dispensing systems are the ULTIMATE in outdoor beer pumps.

Grab a beer pump for July 4th and enjoy it for years to come. While you’re at it, check out all of our Outdoor Entertaining Essentials.


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