Frigidaire has developed the newest concept in draft beer refrigerators, commonly referred to as Kegerators or in this case Keg-O-Rator.

Frigidaire Keg-O-RatorYou have probably seen one at party near a college campus or maybe your neighbor has one in the garage. They are quite simple to make actually, all you need is an old refrigerator and kegerator conversion kit.

What if you don’t want to use an old refrigerator or don’t have one at your disposal? You can purchase a draft beer refrigerator. These are self contained units made for the express purpose or dispensing draft beer. They are generally counter height and have a draft tower that extends out of the top and looks much like the draft beer systems you see in your local pub.

Now Frigidaire has come out with a new design that blends both previous styles of kegerators, they call it the Keg-O-Rator. This unit resembles a full size refrigerator so it will blend into your kitchen and bar décor. In addition to holding any size keg, there are shelves that allow you to make use of the rest of the refrigerator. This comes in handy for storing malt beverages like Smirnoff Ice and Mike’s Hard Lemonade or juice, pop and soda for mixers.

To learn more about Kegerators take a look at our Keg Refrigerators section on

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