KegWorks Carols with Collin: Randy the Red-Nosed Beer Geek

KegWorks Carols with Collin

When you get right down to it, Santa Claus is kind of a creep. He thinks it’s socially acceptable to drape himself in red velvet, ask children if they’ve been naughty, and then break into your home to drink milk in the dark by himself. But because he drops off presents, we’re all like "Yeah, Santa!" We are dumb.

Luckily, there is at least one redeeming factor about Jolly Old Saint Nick. He simply will not abide bullying, and honestly, that’s quite admirable. You might also say that it’s a logical platform for a man with a severe weight problem who spends most of his social time with elves. But still, it’s definitely admirable.

I mean, sure we all know about what he did for everyone’s favorite deformed reindeer (and good old Rudolph has now developed arthritis from all the reindeer games he joins in). But we at KegWorks recently came across a tale that hews a bit closer to our hoppy hearts, and we thought you might enjoy hearing it.

I’ve gotta say, Santa, my dude, I appreciate you looking out for beer geeks everywhere!

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  • Hannah December 12, 2012 @ 8:01am

    Collin, your posts crack me up.

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