KegWorks Carols with Collin: Rusty the Barkeep

Rusty the Barkeep - KegWorks Carols with Collin

There are few holiday tales that are sadder than that of everyone’s favorite snowman, Frosty. He began his existence as an inanimate lump of snow, cold and unfeeling. But through the magic of a silk top hat, he was given life and inexplicably exclaimed, "Happy birthday!" which was the first sign of Frosty’s below-average intelligence and poor grasp of appropriate phraseology.

Luckily, the children that Frosty so readily delighted were big-hearted enough not to care about his embarrassing lack of language control and loved the ice-brained lug anyway. Of course, he repays that love by literally melting to death in a greenhouse and forever scarring the holiday spirits of his youthful creators. Sure, he might come back again whenever a December wind blows, but the damage was already done. Frosty, we hardly knew ye but we’ll require years of expensive psychiatry to recover from our too-young exposure to your tragic end.

Well, we at KegWorks thought that it was time for this soggy saga to be replaced by something with a little more holiday cheer. Something with a little more magic. Something like this….

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