KegWorks’ Cocktail Thursday

With all the new cocktail mixers we have been bringing into inventory, Dave, our company founder, has been hosting cocktail hour in the conference room to familiarize his employees with the new product lines. Not a bad perk of the job.

So, at 4:45 on said cocktail hour day we leave our stacks of unresolved work and shuffle into the conference room for Dave’s latest quality assurance meeting.

Zak Pouring a SazeracThis week was Sazeracs. If you haven’t ever heard of this classic cocktail, here’s a bit of background from this site: “This is the quintessential New Orleans cocktail. There are those who say this is the first cocktail, period. There’s a lot of dispute over this, but it’s certainly the first to appear in New Orleans, which has been acknowledged by many as the home of the cocktail.”

Although, I personally, did not have one (not a licorice fan), it seemed to go over well with the crew.

Here’s our recipe. Give it a shot.


¼ oz bourbon whiskey
2 oz Pernod®
1 dash Angostura® bitters
1 tsp cocktail sugar
1 twist lemon peel

Place a sugar into an old-fashioned glass, and saturate with Angostura bitters. Add ice cubes, pour in liquors, and add a twist of lemon peel. Fill with water, stir well, and serve.

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