Here to Assist You!

Have you ever called a business and had to go through that darn IVR (interactive voice response) system? It can be a nightmare. Should I press a key or talk? Makes you think about what passwords to choose. Can be an embarrassing moment if you have to say it out loud or, even worse, repeat it several times.

Well, here at KegWorks, we promise that you will never have to go through that.

Our Customer Service Reps are always ready and available to assist you. If you call us between the hours of 9:00am – 6pm EST, you will always get 1st class service from a knowledgeable expert. He will be eager to take your order or answer any questions you may have.

The last time a Rep did not answer the phone by the 3rd ring… well…


You’d think we’d have a bigger turnover rate, but we all love dealing with our greatest assets – YOU.

Questions? Call Us
Toll Free 877-636-3673
Outside the US 716-362-9212

Cheers from your KegWorks Customer Service Team!


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