KegWorks, Get Out of My Head!

On a recent trip to Hawaii, as much as I was trying to block out work to enjoy the sunshine, it was hard to do with all of the drinking that I was doing at hotel bars.

There were KegWorks references with every turn! Whether it was the bar rails that kept me comfortably bellied up, the floor mats that kept my favorite pool bartender on his feet, or the glassracks that kept my wine glass waiting for me – KegWorks was everywhere!

One of the more notable instances of KegWorks’ invasion on my vacation was on my first visit to what became at my favorite poolside bar at the Moana Surfrider in Honolulu (where I stayed on the second leg of my trip). After my first few sips of my very first Oahu brewed beer, Big Wave, I realized that my tall, perfectly poured beer glass was not glass at all. Instead, the “glass” was made of a heavy plastic. Makes Pilsner Glassessense, as glass is not typically allowed poolside. But, I, who prides myself knowing each of the products that we carry, didn’t even notice when it was set in front of me.

Seriously, these glasses look and feel just like the real thing (I was genuinely fooled, and stone sober at this point).

I had to finish my beer (the things I do for KegWorks) and check the bottom to be sure that they were plastic, and confirm my suspicion that they were in fact the glasses that we sell. After seeing these is action, I would recommend them 110% to bars, restaurants and home entertainers, especially for outdoor parties. No more broken glass, and I swear these can pass for the real thing.

The next time you hit your favorite outside bar or restaurant, check out the glassware. It’s OK for you to think about KegWorks at the bar or on vacation – You don’t work here.

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