KegWorks Gift Cards: The Gift That Always Fits

We are down to the wire here people. Christmas Morning 2013 is officially less than 48 hours away. That is not many hours.

But don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

You know that KegWorks is the go-to place for all the drinkers on your list. Unique beer and wine products? Yeah, we’ve got that covered. Premium cocktail mixers and tools? Mhmm, we’re all over that one too. A whole bunch more to deck out a man cave in functional style or throw a party that’s so legendary it will be mentioned in the first line of your obituary? Yep, we’re the place for all of that.

In fact, maybe you’ve already tried to get all your shopping done with us. Maybe one early December afternoon you clicked your way over to with the intention of checking off some of the cooler people on your list. You probably clicked through our Gift Guide and said something like “Wow. There are so many good ideas. I can’t make up my mind right now,” and then you went and ate a sandwich and forgot to ever come back and make a decision. Uh oh.

Gift Card

Behold the majesty of the KegWorks Gift Card!

No! Save your uh ohs for another day my friends! It’s OK that you couldn’t make up your mind about what awesome thing to buy for all your lucky loved ones. Because we live in a world that lets you buy a KegWorks Gift Card!

The KegWorks Gift Card can be purchased in any whole dollar denomination, and of course it’s as good as cash for anything on our website. Even better? It can be delivered to the lucky recipient’s email…instantly!

So look. Don’t freak out. You’ve still got plenty of time to make sure that you kick Christmas’ butt and give a gift that makes them say “I. Love. You.” Come grab your gift cards today!

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