KegWorks is Going to the Movies! One Week ’til Beer Wars!

Everyone is buzzing with excitement over the screening of “Beer Wars” – including all of us here at KegWorks. Dave was kind enough to purchase advance tickets for the company and on April 16th (just one week from today) we will all head to the local movie theater to check out “Beer Wars: Brewed in America,” the David and Goliath story about the battle between our country’s big brewing companies and small independent breweries.

The story is told from an insider’s perspective. The filmmaker Anat Baron used to be the general manager of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. In her already raved about documentary, she illustrates how the big companies (Miller, Budweiser, and Coors) are actually being given a run for their money by much smaller, independent brewers.

From what I can tell by the press and the trailer, the film’s tone is humorous and laid-back (as any film about beer should be!)

See it for yourself, here:

The movie will have a one-night-only showing at 430 movie theaters nationwide. You can find the closest one here.

Following the screening, see a live panel discussion simulcast from Royce Hall in Los Angeles with independent brewers and industry experts! Plus, the hilarious economist and actor Ben Stein is hosting it all.

Seating is limited so make sure to get your tickets now!


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