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Part of being a drinking adult is being a responsible adult. It’s saying, “Yes, I like to party,” but not using those words as code for “Give me all the drinks, all the time. And put on some Hall and Oates damnit.”

A party is a party. It is not a Tuesday afternoon (unless there happens to be a party on a Tuesday afternoon).

A few drinks is a few drinks. It is not an invitation to open your gullet and douse your brain with wheelbarrows full of mouthwash until everything fades to peaceful, blissful black.

Life is about moderation. By all means, taste that new bourbon, enjoy a pint of your favorite brew, sip your Pinot Noir by the fireplace. That’s all good stuff. Hell, go ahead and get drunk if you want. There’s many a night where I’d be sitting on the barstool next to you.

Not Moderation

This is NOT moderation. (Photo via

But booze can’t be your everything. Yeah, it should be one bullet in your Fun Gun, but not your entire arsenal. A life well-lived is about diversity of interests and finding happiness in unexpected nooks and crannies.

You live in an English Muffin. Eat vigorously. Devour life until you are full of joy and wonder, happiness and wisdom, memories of riotous nights out and contemplative nights in, hangovers survived and ones avoided.

All of this is really a preamble to making a reading recommendation for an article that makes this same point in a much more eloquent manner. I’m sure there are many of you that are familiar with the website Buzzfeed. Goodness knows that they garner enough clicks on their own, but today they published a story that I felt compelled to share with you loyal KegWorks readers.

In the piece (titled “Why I Feel OK About Falling Off the Wagon After Years of Sobriety”), the author, Joe Berkowitz, examines his own drinking life in searingly personal, deeply introspective ways. He makes the case for moderation in a way that only a man with intimate knowledge of its opposite can. If you’re anything like me, and I’m guessing lots of you are or you wouldn’t be fans of our blog, you’ll find yourself nodding your head in agreement and doing some soul searching of your own.

Look, we’re really not in the business of making you go and read other people’s stuff. Really, what we want you to do on a regular basis is visit our blog and then maybe pop over to some other pages on the site and look at some of our great products. But I just really loved this piece. And I hope you do too.

Read it now:

“Why I Feel OK About Falling Off the Wagon After Years of Sobriety” by Joe Berkowitz (via Buzzfeed)

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