KegWorks Responds to Tim Lake & the Lady(ish) Who Stole His Amazon Package

This morning our friends at Gawker made us aware of an Arizona gentleman by the name of Tim Lake, his heart wrenching loss and most importantly, his tongue-in-cheek response to the crime.

A thief made off with Tim’s latest Amazon delivery but he caught her on camera and has since embarked on a personal quest for justice resulting in a local TV news report that has been viewed by more than 730,000 people.

When we heard that the very same Perfect Cube Ice Trays that we sell here at KegWorks were one of the items so callously stolen from Tim’s porch, we knew that we had to do something to help. Here’s our reply.

We’re going to email this blog post and video to Tim, get his address, and make good on our promise because while having a package left on your doorstep is always a risk, we still believe in good people, cocktail karma, and above average ice cubes.

Best wishes Mr. Lake. We hope you catch your perpetrator.

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