A Visit to Our Warehouse

We’ve got some mighty fine gentlemen prepping, packing and shipping your orders to you. Greg popped out into our warehouse today, camera in hand, to get you some action shots – once he got them to stop being camera-shy, that is.

Here’s Jeremy, putting together a draft beer equipment order – he’s already started to get the air tank wrapped up. Some lucky customer will have delicious beer on tap very soon!
Packing draft beer equipment for shipment

Here’s a shot of Jake and Willie dutifully working away to get you your orders quickly and safely. Did you happen to notice the tiki ice bucket up at the top of the shot? It’s the last one and on its way out the door as we speak. Our warehouse is chock full of fun beer and bar stuff!
Packing draft beer equipment for shipment

For all of you who have placed orders today, we’re working hard and shipping them out quick as we can. Thanks for choosing KegWorks!


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