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Working in customer service at KegWorks, I get to see a lot of different products before they even make it to our website. I have to say that nothing has made me as excited as the 23-Piece College Kitchen Starter Cookware Set. Cookware Set When I moved into a new place on my own it took forever to go shopping and pick out every single item that I need for my kitchen. I wish I had had this option. It comes with everything you need! This normally retails for $325, but at KegWorks, without any travel or time and effort, you can purchase it all for $189.95 plus shipping! It truly is an incredible deal and everyone needs these items in their kitchen. Plus, these make a great gift for the single person or someone heading off to college! [techtags:COOKWARE SET, KITCHEN SET, KITCHEN COOKWARE, KITCHEN SUPPLIES]

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