Kerstmutske Christmas Nightcap

It may not be Christmastime, but it’s sure looking like it in Buffalo; we’re expected to get at least another six to ten inches of snow before 6pm today. As the flakes piled up on the ground and my car last night, I thought it was the perfect time to enjoy this Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

Kerstmutske Christmas NightcapKerstmutske Christmas Nightcap was suggested to me by Deron himself, and listed in his Top Christmas Beers post. It poured a deep, dark ruby brown, with a creamy off-white head, which stuck around as long as I had beer in my glass. Its aroma, to me, was of apples, dark cherries and honey-slathered biscuits; very sweet. I could barely contain my excitement in trying it.

Christmas Nightcap has a smooth, medium mouthfeel; a brew you know you have in your mouth. Its carbonation was hundreds of tiny little bubbles, effervescent but not overpowering to take away from its heavier feel. This incredible beer tasted much like raisins with a hint of apples or a dark cider and sweet molasses. Before swallowing, Christmas Nightcap overall, is a sweet brew, but in the finish, there was an enjoyable apple tartness in the aftertaste.

Of the Christmas ales I’ve tasted, this makes the most sense to me for the season; it’s not as citrusy as some of the others and in my mind, citrus makes more sense in the summer months (of course, that’s just me). I would most definitely enjoy slowly sipping this very drinkable (even at 7.4% ABV) Belgian Strong Dark Ale again, and can’t thank Deron enough for recommending it.


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