Kid Rock Beer Label Contest

About a month ago, it was announced that Jessica Simpson would be the spokesperson for Stampede Light Plus, claiming that she loved beer and drank it often. Apparently Stampede Light Plus is some sort of light beer with vitamins added to it; which I guess makes sense since I can’t see Jessica Simpson drinking beer unless it is some how healthy for you and crammed with vitamins.

Beer Bottle with Blank LabelNow Kid Rock is coming out with his own beer. My guess is, Kid Rock’s beer will not be enhanced with vitamins. Kid Rock and Drinks America will create a "product targeted to beer drinkers who appreciate value with an easy to drink, traditional, good tasting American manufactured beer." I am pretty sure that is beer industry code for a light, watery, cheap beer, made with adjuncts sold in 30 packs and wide mouth 22-ounce cans that you can a drink a lot of and get real wasted. Not sure if I will be a regular consumer of Rock’s beer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with this product announcement, so I am proud to announce KegWorks’ first ever photo-shop contest: Design Kid Rock’s Beer Label.

Download your beer label template here.

Official Contest Rules:

1. Get creative with Photoshop, or you editing program of choice, using our convenient template to create your vision of what Kid Rock the self proclaimed American Bad Ass’s label should look like. We will put our favorite submissions on our blog and pick an overall winner decided as decided by the KegWorks’ staff.

2. Keep it clean. Although submissions including nudity, foul language, copywrited material and any number of bad behaviors may be enjoyed around the office they won’t make it on to the site.

3. This contest has no actual affiliation with Drinks America or Kid Rock and will not be the proposed beer’s label. In fact, unless either entity is fan of our blog they may never see your hard work.

4. What you will win: Nothing!!! That’s right, we are not offering any actual prizes for this contest. Nada! Zip! Zilch! If you win all you get it is the incredible bragging rights of having won the KegWorks’ Design Kid Rock’s Beer Label contest. Who wouldn’t want that honor?

Download your beer label template here.

Email Contest Submissions to by October 20th. Our favorites will be posted soon after!


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