Kirin Brewery Makes Summer Cooler with Frozen Beer

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer in the summer? Okay, well there are probably a few people who don’t but who really cares about those people!? If you’re reading our blog, then you probably do enjoy a cold beer, especially when the weather is warm.

If we’re lucky, Kirin Brewery Co. may release their new Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft Beer internationally by the time summer really hits. Currently this new type of beer is only available in select restaurants in Tokyo, but release in the United States and the UK is expected within the next year.

Kirin Frozen BeerSo what is this frozen draft beer? It’s a standard Kirin Ichiban Shibori draft beer coupled with a frozen beer foam, developed by a company called “Frozen Agitation.” The foam is served on top of the beer at 23° F (-5° C ), and acts as a sort of frozen cover, which is said to maintain your beer’s freshly chilled feel for up to thirty minutes. Personally, I like to call it “ice, ice, baby!”

Kirin is currently installing 1,000 of these frozen foam making machines in bars and restaurants across Asia.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kirin Brewing Company, it is a Japanese brewery based in Tokyo that sells the two most popular beers in the country, and is among the top ten brewers in the world. Aside from the beer business, Kirin has holdings in a plethora of other industries including soft drinks, logistics, engineering, restaurants, real estate, health foods and products, and the list goes on. They also handle domestic distribution for foreign brands like Heineken and Budweiser.

Another interesting tidbit about Kirin Brewing Co., is the origin of their name. The word “Kirin” refers to a mythic beast – one-half dragon, one-half deer – from ancient Chinese mythology. According to the myth, this amazing animal refuses to eat living things or step on plants; a true lover of all things living. Considered a herald of propitious events, a Kirin is said to have appeared at the bedside of the mother of Confucius as a symbol of well-being and good fortune right before she gave birth to her son. How badass is that? Thus, when you’re drinking your Kirin frozen draft, you’ll know good fortune is surrounding you; a great excuse for drinking on, after, or during those bad days.

Since no one can be sure when these frozen delights will hit the U.S., KegWorks has other ways to keep your drinks cool in the meantime. To avoid that melting water dilution we all fear and loathe, try making your ice with these Jumbo Ice Ball Silicone Molds.

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  • Anna April 12, 2012 @ 2:23am

    Great idea but which restaurants are the select few where we can try it?

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