Kitchen Basics 101

Graduation usually indicates the beginning of a new chapter in life. These new horizons often include a new job, new relationships and, more than likely, new living arrangements. Moving into a new house or apartment provides a fresh set of frustrations, details to attend to and loose ends to tie up.

We’ve addressed one such detail by putting together a set of kitchen essentials to quickly and easily stock your cupboards in one masterful stroke. It has everything you need to get cooking (literally), from pots and pans to knives and measuring cups. See for yourself.

Kitchen Essentials Set

By getting married relatively soon after college I dodged the bullet of having to stock a kitchen, since my wife likes to cook, shop and tweak a wedding registry to perfection (though some here in the office might argue I dodged that bullet only to get hit by the ICBM of marriage… but I digress). My singular kitchenware contribution was a set of glass mixing bowls I got free for opening up a checking account a few of years prior.

My younger brother’s experience is a different story, though not an uncommon one. After graduating from college last year, he and a buddy got an apartment and learned firsthand how annoying it can be to track down all the tools customary to the average kitchen. What they ended up with was mostly secondhand from friends and family, which is nice, except that most of the cookware is in bad shape and hardly qualifies as “essential.” My brother likes cupcakes, but I highly doubt he has much, if any, need for four cupcake pans. To this day, he still uses a frying pan with a loose handle that’s missing most of its Teflon coating.

Amid major life changes it’s understandable when young adults don’t have the need for proper cookware at the front of their mind. It’s up to you – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, etc. – to recognize that need and address it before an issue arises. You don’t want your loved ones eating fast food every day because they don’t have the tools to cook at home, do you? Promote self-sufficiency and ease a major life transition with this ideal graduation or housewarming gift.

This set, however, isn’t only for college graduates. College students moving from the dorm to an apartment, young couples just starting out, or someone of any age facing circumstances requiring a change of address would all make good use of this set.

Also, these essentials are perfect for stocking kitchen shelves in a summer home, cottage, beach house or cabin. Just today, a KegWorks coworker was lamenting all the time and energy he was going to put in furnishing his new summer home on a nearby lake. As the two of us discussed this afternoon and I reiterated above, this thoughtfully assembled and affordable set instantly makes the kitchen one less detail to worry about.

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