Left Hand Brewing Company Sends Peyton Manning A Case of Beer After Playoff Win

Peyton Manning

Football fans who watched the divisional playoff between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers on Sunday evening, may have seen Peyton Manning interviewed by the press shortly after their 24-17 victory.

Reporters asked Manning about his big third down pass to Julius Thomas. They asked about his team’s matchup with the New England Patriots next week for the AFC Championship, and they inquired about his personal matchup with Tom Brady. He answered all of those questions. Then, they asked him if he planned to return to the Broncos next year, and he deflected with the following statement:

“What’s weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth after this win.” Check it out in the video below…

I’m not sure if Bud Light paid him to say this, or if Peyton just happens to be a Bud man, but regardless, one Colorado craft brewery, Left Hand Brewing Company, decided to try and sway his interest.

They sent him a case of beer, with a letter that reads:

Mr. Manning,

Just like you, we decided to call an audible and change the play at the line to provide you with some Colorado craft beer from Left Hand Brewery. We feel it’s a better play call.

We’ll be cheering you on against the Patriots! Go Broncos!

Left Hand Brewing Peyton Manning Tweet Screenshot

Personally, I love the move by Left Hand. It was a solid press opportunity and a classy execution. I hope Peyton gives it a taste.

Here at KegWorks, most of us are Bills fans, so naturally, we are also rooting for the Broncos this weekend, and thus, we echo the sentiments expressed by Left Hand. Go Broncos!


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