Life’s A Beach: Make the Most of it with a Home Tiki Party

Tiki Party Essentials

Most of us can agree that pretty much anywhere in the tropics is a dream destination.  From white sandy beaches to the crystal blue water, we fantasize about life beneath a shady palm tree where the livin’ is easy and the cocktails flow like water.  Wherever your tropical destination may be, there will surely be a fair share of drinks including  rum, fruit juice, and exotic serving vessels.

From the popular beach cocktail, the Mai Tai, to new fruity concoctions filling coconut mugs, the tiki trend has taken over.  Bars across the country from New York to LA have transformed into Polynesian-themed party spots.  Complete with hibiscus floral decorations, fruity swizzle stick drinks, and hula girls, these little points of paradise are the perfect tropical escape for bar-goers.  

Potions of the Caribbean by Beachbum Berry

300+ pages of tropical drink history & recipes

Tiki culture in restaurants and bars became a thing back in the 1930s when Ernest Raymond – a man who later legally changed his name to “Donn Beach” – took his love for the tropical islands and opened the world’s first tiki bar called Don the Beachcomber.  With rum drink specialties and South Pacific heirlooms, the bar was opened, and tiki culture began booming. While Donn the Beachcomber and other similar spots were popular for a while, the fad eventually faded in the 1960s.

But tiki’s making a comeback, just like many other trends in cocktails, food, and fashion. Some have said its growing momentum is akin to the recent renaissance of craft cocktails. Amongst skeptics, there’s a debate about tiki – will it ever become a timeless bar theme?  Is it here to stay for good? How long will tiki bars across the country survive?  No one has the answer. But I bet 20 years ago, few people thought craft beer would take off as it has. Just some food for thought.

Authentic Ceramic Tiki Mugs

Authentic Ceramic Tiki Mugs

So now that we’ve got you interested in tiki, it’s time to explore what you can do to spice up your garage, backyard, or home bar with tropical drinks and decorations.  Just because you can’t jet off to Hawaii or you don’t live near a hot-and-happening tiki bar, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw your own authentic tiki party at home! 

To get you started with your new party theme, we’ve put together a spread of some essential items below. And there’s no better time than now to get started because today through Monday (August 17th), all of our Tiki Essentials are 20% off when you use code TIKI20 at checkout. This includes everything below, as well as all of the other tiki decorations, books, bar signs, and cocktail ingredients in our tiki shop

Tiki Essentials Party Kit – $44.99

Tiki Essentials Party Kit


Personalized Tiki Lounge Barrel End – $119.95

Personalized Tiki Lounge Barrel End

Cocktail Parasol Drink Umbrellas – Box of 144 – $5.49 

Tiki Drink Umbrellas

Volcano Bowl Ceramic Tiki Drink Bowl – 32 oz – $27.95

Tiki Volcano Drink Bowl

Ceramic Tiki Shot Glass Set – 2 oz. – 4 Pieces

Ceramic Tiki Shot Glass Set


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