Boring? Light It Up!

Here in Buffalo we have a hard time getting certain things done. Some specific examples are, building a casino, building a Bass Pro, developing the waterfront, making the playoffs, and my personal favorite, building a bridge. The Peace Bridge is a huge bridge joining the Unites States and Canada. If you’re interested in learning more, visit The Peace Bridge Authority.

Peace Bridge

There was a big debate here involving a second bridge; an expansion, fancy signature bridge or a twin span being built. The only thing I know about this issue, is that it shares one thing in common with all things related to big projects in Buffalo. Nothing is happening! Or is it? The Peace Bridge Authority might have the solution. In fact, they may have found a simple solution to many of the problems that face us today….. Light it up!

For just a drop in the bucket, 1.2 million or so dollars, they have added a high tech lighting system to the bridge. Problem solved! I think this is a brilliant way to fix the way we feel about certain things. You have a boring serving tray?

Light it up!
Light Up Serving Tray

If you have a boring old basement bar and you don’t know what to do with it…
Light it up!
Tiki Bar Neon Sign

Dull, dark ass pool table?
Light it up!
Coors Billiard Lamp

Is your clock old, stupid or normal?
Light it up!
Coors Bar Clock

And finally, is your dumb, plastic, antique looking “open” sign a laughing stock?
Light it up!
Light Up Open Sign


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