Liquor Bottle Shelves: Where Forms Meets Function

diamond 5

Liquor bottle shelf in diamond-plate finish.

If you’ve invested the time, effort, and money into opening a new bar, chances are you’re pretty proud of it. You probably think of it as a little slice of paradise–a place for people to relax, put their feet up, and enjoy a few well-earned beverages at the end of a hard week (or perhaps a hard day).

No matter what kind of theme you’ve chosen, from tiki to sports bar to no particular theme at all, you’ve put in tons of hard work and made your dream come true. Of course, now the real challenge is just beginning: you need people to come in and choose to spend their valuable time and hard-earned money at your bar.

So why wouldn’t you invest in sturdy liquor bottle shelves?

Honestly, in our estimation (and we kind of live and breathe this stuff), there’s no other piece of equipment that can match the combination of form and function offered by any of our liquor bottle shelves.

At the end of the day, all we’re really talking about is a set of graduated steps resting on top of your back bar upon which you can logically organize and present your liquor bottles in all their spirited glory. It’s just a minor detail that helps give your space the finished, polished, curated look it deserves after all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into getting it ready.

Liquor Bottle Shelf Finishes

Sure, there are some options to consider, including the length (the longer the shelves, the more bottles you can accommodate), the number of shelves (the more shelves, the more bottles you can accommodate), and the color (basic models are available in black, white, or translucent acrylic, but we also have a mirrored finish and a new diamond-plate finish that we are pretty excited about).

led liquor shelf
And, of course, if you want to get fancy, you might even consider upgrading to a more dynamic liquor bottle shelf with built-in lighting that will bathe your premium bottles in a luxurious, mysterious glow that really adds an element of class to your atmosphere.

Liquor Bottles Shelves Expedite Service

No matter what you choose, you can’t really go wrong. Adding some organization to the jumbled collection of bottles behind your bar is a subtle way to signal to all of your customers and patrons that you have a well-executed plan to help ensure they get service in as timely a manner as possible. Organization like this is a great way to increase your servers’ efficiency when mixing up drinks because it’s much easier to make a drink with expediency when you don’t spend undue time searching for the right bottle from a messy, haphazard pile.

Why take shortcuts with the important details? If you’re looking for ways to give your bar some handsome character, ensure the fastest possible service of drinks to your anxious customers, and help boost your bottom line without spending a lot to do so, liquor bottle shelves are a must-have addition.

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