Living the High Life

One of the most controversial topics in sports over the past week has been the selfless decision made by New York Yankee fan Christian Lopez. Lopez, 23, was the lucky guy who caught Derek Jeter’s 3,000th major league hit at Yankee Stadium this past weekend. While Jeter’s hit might go down as one of the most memorable moments in Yankee history, it is the act of Lopez that should, and hopefully will, forever be remembered.

Christian Lopez

The value of the baseball that Lopez caught is worth upwards of $300,000 as projected by baseball experts. But instead of holding the ball ransom like I’m positive a lot of others would, Lopez did the right thing and returned the ball to its rightful owner, Mr. Jeter. In exchange for his kind act, the Yankees offered Lopez loads of memorabilia and tickets in exchange for the new piece of history, which he graciously accepted. The controversy lies in the aftermath of receiving these gifts. According to accountants contacted by the New York Daily News, Lopez could be taxed anywhere from $5,000 to $14,000 for the items he received.

What a shame that would be. What happened to a world where people were rewarded for doing the right thing, instead of acting out of greed? Thank goodness that others feel the same way I do. Miller High Life issued a statement Wednesday saying that the company would pay for all of Lopez’s tax bill if he were to receive one. “Miller High Life believes you should be rewarded for doing the right thing, not penalized,” brand manager Brendan Noonan said in a statement. “We want to recognize Christian Lopez, and in turn everyone like him, for doing the common sense thing and help him continue to live the High Life.” Cheers to doing the right thing and rewarding those who do so! That’s living the High Life.


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