Locked Out Again?

I don’t think I could count on all my fingers and toes how many times I’ve locked myself out of places. For example:

Locked Out of the House Locked Out of Work Locked Out of the Car
The house Work The car

One time I broke into my car with a fork after I locked my keys inside.

Travel BarWe sell a product that a few people have been locked out of. Fortunately, I have skills at getting into locked things. So I tried my skills on this item. It is the Portable Travel Bar, 3 Bottle Size.

Apparently what happens is people accidentally set the combination on this thing and can’t open it. I have had to get into a few of these and there is no shortcut. Not even my handy fork Travel Bar Lockcould help me out in this situation. You have to flip through every single number and slide the button until it pops. I think the longest it ever took me was 2 hours. I was just working on it a little at a time and doing other things. Finally at 783 it finally popped open. I was very excited. After you crack the code, you have to write it down and never forget it. As I understand you can’t reset the combination after it has been set. The directions do not speak of a reset so I believe it to be a permanent number.

Hopefully you wont get locked out of your liquor, but if you do, hopefully your combination is on the low side of 999 possibilities. Good Luck!


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