Long Trail Blackberry Wheat Beer Review

Long Trail Blackberry Wheat BeerYah, typically in my beer reviews you get a nice photo, shot at home, complete with the beer poured into a glass for a better, more complete look, but I was swimming and I just wasn’t in the mood to dry off, find a pint it the pits of my mother’s kitchen, ready a shot, etc. So, you just get this picture of the bottle, this time.

This past weekend – Saturday, to be exact – I spent the day floating, flipping, jumping and sunbathing poolside (as many of my weekend days are spent in summer). I popped into the garage fridge at my mother’s and noticed she had surprised Fritz and me with some beer (thanks Mom!). There was a large case of my go-to-anytime-beer, Guinness (double thanks!) and a six-pack of Long Trail Blackberry Wheat, which I had never tasted before (and to be honest, wouldn’t have missed a thing if I never did).

This is not always the case for me with Long Trail beers. If any of you remember my Long Trail Double Bag post, which is an American Strong Ale, I was quite pleased and would most certainly buy it again. The Blackberry Wheat, however, is another story altogether (at least for my palate).

First off, the beer was one of the lightest yellow wheat beers I’ve ever seen. Of course, I may not be a huge advocate for wheat beers, but there are some I like and some times I feel they’re called for. The first thing I thought when I saw its color was, wow, this is what my “fizzy yellow beer is for wussies” was referring to! Its taste was so dull the beer aspect of it was nearly non-existent. And blackberry? Well, I guess I tasted a hint of something berry in there, but it certainly wasn’t anything like the Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat I’ve enjoyed in times past. It was more like those random “berry” malt beverages we used to get as teenagers, because we didn’t like the taste of beer. Ewe. On top of it all, the carbonation was so abundant that I really just felt icky after drinking one down.

I’ll leave the rest of that six-pack to Fritz to finish off (he’s more into light wheat beers than I am) and stick with the Guinness until we pick up another few cases to try.


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