Long Trail Coffee Stout – Brewmaster Series

When it comes to Long Trail, I’ve had different opinions. On one hand, I love the Double Bag. On another, I could do without the Blackberry Wheat. Their Coffee Stout, however, offered two things I love in one beer; stout and coffee (go figure). The way I saw it, I really couldn’t go wrong here.

Long Trail Coffee Stout

Long Trail Coffee Stout poured deep black but without the thickness I would’ve expected. Its head was a fluffy tan that stuck around for a bit without any lacing. The aroma was straight up coffee and sweet, burnt-smelling malt.

This imperial stout offered a heavier mouthfeel than I expected from the pour, which was a delight; I look for a bit of tongue-coating when enjoying this style. However, it wasn’t so thick to be called “syrupy.” Its low carbonation and thinned-out finish worked well to keep each sip enjoyable.

The flavor? Coffee. Seriously. I mean, this is the type of beer one should enjoy if one were to drink beer in the morning, not that I advise that 🙂 Dark coffee bitterness with a hint of chocolate sweetness makes this stout quite enjoyable and most definitely recommended.

At 8% ABV, with such heavy flavor, I wouldn’t suggest it as a session beer but who knows? If the mood struck, it might be just what you’re looking for. Either way, pick up at least one bottle while you can; this baby’s only available from Long Trail during February and March.




  • Beer Drinker April 6, 2010 @ 10:13am

    That sounds like a pretty nice beer. I don’t think we get Long Trail beers down here in Florida. I really need to make a trek back to the Northeast!

  • Hannah April 6, 2010 @ 10:24am

    You do, indeed! Orrrrr, I could send you some in a care package 🙂

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