Looking Forward to a Few "Cold Ones?"

cerealBy “cold ones” I mean cold months. I was driving to work today with the windows down; it was probably 45º outside. I like it cold. I have always been this way. As a child, I would put ice cubes in my cereal.

I would not wear a coat. By the way, being cold does not make you catch a cold, so don’t believe your mother. I think I will sum it up like this:

When it’s 30º outside and you say, “I’m cold,” no, you’re not. You are somewhere around 98.5ºF. The question is, are you snow fridgecomfortable with that? I, personally, am not comfortable with heat and summer humidity. Blah!

So, my challenge to you is to change your attitude about winter – you may find it will warm you up. Here are a few positive things to keep in mind.

1. You can save on the cost of running the fridge.

2. You don’t swallow insects while riding your bike.

3. You don’t need an air conditioner and 60 fans to help you sleep comfortably.

4. It’s easy to keep your drinks cold.
cold drinks

5. Endless weapons at your disposal.

6. You won’t get your car stolen (like I did) ’cause criminals stay in.

snow balls Shot Luge


8. Free furniture – temporarily. 9. Candles won’t burn the house down.
Ice Furniture

So try to enjoy yourself this cold season; have fun with it. Harvest yourself some ice and get creative.

Ice Harvest

… and don’t forget to close your car doors before the snowplow goes by.

Plowed Car



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