Magic Hat and Pyramid Days From Being Sold

Deron just sent me a link to an article on announcing that North American Brewers (NAB) is just days away from closing a deal to purchase Independent Brewers United (IBU), who merged Magic Hat and Pyramid breweries back in 2008. In 2009, IBU was the 8th largest of all regional breweries and made up 3.8% of all craft beer sales. Who is NAB? They’re owners of High Falls Brewing Company, which includes lines like Genesee and Dundee Ales & Lagers, and also the exclusive seller of Labatt beer and Seagram’s Coolers in the US. What does this mean for craft beer lovers and drinkers of Magic Hat and Pyramid? Well, only time will tell, but many are concerned that quality will suffer, once they’re being produced on a larger scale. What do you think? [techtags:MAGIC HAT, PYRAMID, NORTH AMERICAN BREWERS, INDEPENDENT BREWERS UNITED]

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