Magnificent Bastard Cocktail Contest – Tournament Style

About a month ago, we told you about the exciting Cocktail Contest that we’re sponsoring on the Magnificent Bastard website. The gist is, if you’re the one who submitted the original cocktail recipe that’s eventually selected to be “The Magnificent Bastard” you get lots of fame and glory, plus $500 to spend at our store.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response but the Magnificent Bastard found an awesome way to make it fair and make it work. After pre-screening the entries and performing an initial taste test, the 32 best entries have been selected for a single-elimination bracket tournament.

Check out the entries that made it and feel free to play along at home. When you scroll over the names on the bracket, their submitted recipe appears.

Act fast, as the games begin tomorrow, February 11th. A very lucky 5-person team will be doing the tasting and we’ll have a winner by Monday, April 5th.


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