Maine is for Beer Lovers

Gearys Summer AleI was lucky enough to spend the past week hanging out with 8 of my closest friends on one of the cleanest spring-fed lakes in Northern Maine. This was my first time vacationing in the state known for moose, lobster, wild blueberries, whale watching and Poland Spring water (thanks to clever advertising) and I absolutely fell in love. The rustic little towns, great hiking trails, lack of cell phone service and Internet access and cheap and delicious seafood were just what I needed to unwind and have an incredible time – and the beer was everything I hoped for too.

We sampled several local favorites and it is safe to say that I enjoyed them all much more than the endless supply of Coors Light that we managed to replenish time and time again.

Kennebec Summer AleThe first beer we tried was Geary’s Summer Ale, from D.L. Geary Brewing Company in Portland, Maine. The rich golden color just looked crisp and clear and its taste was full bodied with a spicy hop tang. Although the taste was perfectly refreshing, I think that my favorite part was the lobster label.

We also had the Summer Ale from Kennebec River Brewery (which was conveniently located right down the road from us in The Forks, Maine). The folks at the brewery ensured us that the fine ale Long Trail Alewe bought is crafted with the finest North American malted barley and a generous dose of premier hops. As doubting New Yorkers, we had to find out for ourselves. This was by far the most refreshing brew we had and my favorite vacation beer by far.

Another beer we loved hailed from nearby Vermont. We came across Long Trail Ale at the local supermarket and we just had to try the full-bodied amber ale. I’m glad we did! Little did I know, Long Trail has been around since 1989 and it’s Vermont’s largest selling craft brew, as well as the winner of several medals from the Great American Beer Festival. The complex, clean flavor went perfectly with our grilled pork.

And I thought people in Maine only drank spring water.


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  • Hannah August 20, 2008 @ 8:51am

    Liz – your pictures and the beers you enjoyed in Maine make me remember why I loved living there so much. Good thing we have most of these brews available here in Buffalo… although views like these are only found in Maine!

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