Make Mine Muddled

MuddlerTo make the freshest and highest quality cocktails possible, any great bartender knows that you need a muddler. This essential bar tool is used to mash (or “muddle”) fruits, herbs and spices to release natural aromas and flavors into cocktails.

Two popular drinks that are best when fresh ingredients are muddled are the Mojito, made with rum, and the national drink of Brazil, the Caipirinha, made with Cachaça.

I suggest you give these a try and taste the difference of fresh ingredients.

Mojito Recipe

1 tsp superfine sugar
1 lime, cut in slices
4 fresh mint leaves
2 oz white rum
2 oz club soda
2 dashes Angostura bitters (optional)

In a rocks glass muddle three lime slices. Add sugar and mint leaves and muddle all ingredients until sugar dissolves into the lime juice. Add crushed ice, white rum, top with club soda and stir. Garnish with remaining mint leaf. For an extra kick, rim glass with Mojito sugar.

Caipirinha Recipe

2 tsp superfine sugar
1 lime, cut in slices
2 oz Cachaça

In a glass gently muddle lime wedges. Add sugar and muddle until dissolved into lime juice. Add ice. Pour in Cachaça and stir.

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