Maker’s Mark Hits TV For The First Time Ever

For the first time in history, Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon is hitting TV airwaves, with its very own commercial. The ad goes live tonight, during Deadliest Catch, but you can catch a sneak preview right here. From the mouths of the fine folks at Maker’s Mark themselves, “It isn’t about hype. It isn’t about showing off, and it isn’t the official sponsor of the game. Maker’s Mark® is simply about enjoying the game. Handmade in super slow motion, Maker’s Mark is a full flavored bourbon with a smooth an easy finish. Or as our founder said: “It is what it isn’t.™” Have yourself a nip of Maker’s today to celebrate their first TV ad in history. Cheers! [techtags:MAKER’S MARK, BOURBON WHISKEY, BOURBON AD]

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