Man Cave? Psh, Try a Man Island

XXXX Gold Man Island Trip Giveaway

You know what the main problem with a man cave is? You can call it exclusive. You can call it private and privileged. However, it really doesn’t take much for your wife or girlfriend to gain entrance.

What if you had your own island for a few days? She’d need a plane, a ketch of some sort, and a whole hell-of-a-lot of acrimony to interrupt your man time.

The popular Australian beer company XXXX Gold took this idea and ran with it. They’ve gone so far as to charter a 15-acre island located off the central coast of Queensland in the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Starting in October of this year, a number of contests and promotions will offer the island up to groups of four "mates." The reason they’re doing this? Well aside from the insane amount of PR it’s generating, they really seem to believe that "every man needs an island."

The value of each trip is estimated at $10,000, and opportunities to win are already available. The company is currently accepting suggestions for what to put on their island, and the top four visionaries will each earn a trip, which includes invites for three of their buddies. According to XXXX Gold, they want the island to be tailor-made for the winners and their mates. Top ideas featured on the website include a "PIMP treehouse" overlooking the beach. The mastermind behind that one says, "think Swiss Family Robinson but add a basketball hoop and a fireman’s pole." Another idea is a one-hole golf course located on an anchored boat with biodegradable balls.

Unfortunately the contests are only open to Blokes and Sheilas who reside in Australia, but hopefully this news will get other beer companies thinking. There are lots more islands out there.

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