Please File Under "DUH"

As if ripped from the list of potential Darwin Award candidates, I have another ridiculous news clipping to share with you – which rolled off the AP Releases out of Richfield, Wisconsin yesterday: “Man Allegedly Drives Drunk in Golf Cart of Highway” Apparently, some people are still stubborn about this, or are still living in caves and haven’t read our blog. Whether you’re in a car, on a motorcycle, a motorized bar stool, a riding lawnmower, or anything that has wheels, you should never, ever drive under the influence. On a slightly separate note, I just picked up one of these for a buddy of mine. It goes without saying, this handy portable cooler and wire golf cart rack can be used to chill any kind of beverage. Golf Cart Cooler [techtags:BEER NEWS, GOLF CART NEWS, GOLF CART COOLER, GOLF CART BEER]

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