Man Sets Beer Mile World Record

beer mile

Drinking beer very fast is hard. Running very fast is harder. Doing them both in one hellish exhibition of supreme physical endurance? That’s a Beer Mile.

Yes, you read that right. Beer Mile. This seemingly insane concept is a thing that actually exists. It’s got a whole host of rules and regulations, but what it boils down to is this: you drink a beer, run a lap (on a standard quarter-mile, 400 meter track), drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, run a lap, drink a beer, and (you guessed it) run one final lap. Then, probably, you drop to your knees and make solemn oaths to a higher power that you will never ever do something so stupid ever again.

Naturally, because this is a world with over 7 billion people, there’s a handful of hearty souls who take this challenge very seriously. Recently, one of these hearty souls, Jim Nielsen of California, did something that was previously thought impossible: he ran a sub 5 minute Beer Mile.

Jim Nielsen, you are an animal. As lovers of beer and cool things, we salute you. Oh, and how do you feel?

It was really painful.”

If you’re a “seeing is believing” kind of person, go ahead and watch this video. It’s weirdly thrilling in an “I can’t believe that this is actually happening. This dude is flying. And how is he not drunk?” kind of way. Enjoy!

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