Man Uses Beer to Put Out Fire

Here’s another story that should be filed under, “Beer: is there anything it can’t do?”

Last Monday, January 6th, Craig Moreau and his wife were taking a bit of a joyride down Highway 71 in the great state of Texas. As they were driving, Craig, an off-duty firefighter from Houston, noticed an 18-wheeler pulled over to the side of the road with smoke pouring out from its tires.

Now, had I noticed a similar sight, I probably would have kept driving and thought, “Boy, I sure hope someone gets that under control.” Luckily, Craig is a much better man than I am.

He pulled right over, assessed the situation, and crawled underneath the trailer with a small extinguisher to put out the burning tire (which had been set aflame by faulty brakes). For a moment, that appeared to do the trick, but then the blaze leapt back into life and the time was ripe for creative thinking.

Craig turned to the driver and asked, “What are you carrying on this truck?”

“It’s beer! It’s all beer!”


Coors, the Banquet Beer (That Puts Out Fires)

Problem solved. Craig and the driver started unloading the cans of Coors, shaking them up, and then using the fizzing streams of golden yellow Banquet Beer to douse the flames and save the day.

Quick thinking? You bet. Ingenious problem solving? Of course. Further proof that beer is the best thing ever? I’d say so.

Read the original story here, and if you happen to know Craig, be sure to buy him a beer. He definitely deserves it.

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