March Madness is here!!!

Today ranks up there as one of the best days for a sports fan. Not only is it the beginning of the NCAA Championship tournament, but also it is St. Patrick’s Day. You now have every reason and every excuse to call off work and sit at a bar from noon until 2 a.m.

I guess that means I need to touch on 2 topics – who is in my final four and what beer I am going to drink tonight?

As any self-respecting tourney addict does, I am in numerous pools, some involved being assigned random teams and playing against the spread, in another I bid for teams, and then there is the standard brackets. I have two pick’em brackets going. In the first one I have Illinois, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Kentucky. In the next one I have Illinois, Washington, North Carolina and Kentucky.

While watching the games and hoping that my brackets play out so I can make some $$ back I am going to sample all of the traditional Irish drinks. Guinness, Jameson and Irish Car Bombs, perhaps even some coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream.

To top it off I will take down a nice tall glass of water with some Advil Liqui-gels to make tomorrow morning a little easier to wake up to.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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