Mardi Gras Celebration in Buffalo

Mardi Gras is a huge deal in Buffalo. It helps break up the bitter cold winter and gives an excuse to see friends and loved ones that have finally dug a path out of their doors wide enough to get to the car. There is a parade, a couple of drag shows, and a ton of people wandering bar to bar pretending that it’s not somewhere just above 20° outside.

Mardi Gras MaskGetting the right attitude is always what the party is about. The parade has some of the craziest floats you’ve ever seen. Everyone joins in with wild paper maché floats mounted precariously to their car of the themes of wine, women or song. Then Southern Comfort steps in and provides the Hurricane, the drink of choice to keep your sugar levels up and your body temperature at a balmy 51°. Plus all the bar covers go to Hospice Buffalo, a great organization that helps people and families in need at a difficult time.

So celebrate the cold on Fat Tuesday, or if you’re lucky enough to be in a balmier climate, like the original French Quarter area, get out there and break up the dark winter days with some fun!


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