MC Hammer’s New Beer Commercial Proves Some Things Never Get Old

MC Hammer and his claim to fame song “Can’t Touch This” are experiencing a revival, thanks to a new South African beer commercial. Castle Lite beer resurrected the pop/rap icon for the spot and I have to admit, it’s actually kind of clever. David Gianatasio from the AdFreak Blog says it best when he states, “He (MC Hammer) maintains his dignity about as well as a beefy, middle-aged rapper in a sparkly gold outfit can.”

As much as I didn’t want to, I found myself singing along as I watched. Check it out for yourself:

The same beer company produced an ad featuring Vanilla Ice a while back and I must say, Mr. Hammer got the better deal. That only seems fair however, seeing as he did in fact tell his homeboys they couldn’t touch it.


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