Men Being Men

Look at me, I’m riding a horse, now look at your kegerator, it’s stainless steel, just like all the other ones. Now look at this one, it’s diamond plated!

Everyone has seen the Old Spice Guy commercials with the gentleman who is obviously manlier than you and everyone loves it! Get into Mad Men and the old fashioned “men were men” attitude appears as well. Is this a resurgence of men being allowed to be men? To actually be ok with asserting themselves as having testosterone and in turn the general populace being ok with this?

Journey Tattoo Still a Bad Idea

Well gentlemen, embrace it while you can! Be the manliest SOB you can be! Drink dark beer and flout that Journey tattoo that you’ve been hiding since the early 80’s, (well maybe you should keep that one hidden). Stake claim of your man cave! Put up your favorite sports team sign! Get that diamond plated badass kegerator you’ve always thought would look great in your garage! Be less civilized by drinking a glass of beer right out of a bottle (sounds weird, but check it out). If history shows us nothing else it shows that climates are fleeting. Enjoy being a man before you miss out!


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