Mexico Holds Its First Ever Home Brew Competition

From September 1 – 3, 2011 the first ever BJCP-endorsed (Beer Judge Certification Program) Home Brewers competition was held in Mexico City, boasting 51 participants, 100 homebrews and 39 different styles. These numbers astounded me, bringing me even more hope in regards to craft beer in Mexico. It’s only been a few years since many different craft styles were even introduced to the country, yet already residents are brewing and pushing limits.

Cerveza Mexico 2011 Home Brew Competition

The winner of the Cerveza Mexico 2011 competition, Jorge Ringenbach, was awarded a scholarship to learn the “Concise Course on Brewing Technology” in Guadalajara during October. His American Pale Ale took the gold medal, dubbing Ringenbach “Champion of Champions” along with the scholarship opportunity.

My friend, member of the organizing committee and brewmaster of Primus Brewery, Rodolfo Andreu, said “The scholarship that we sponsor with Minerva
Brewery, The Beer Box and ‘Maltas e Insumos Cerveceros SA’ (MICERVESA), through the coordination of is a great recognition award for the effort and dedication of the one who has the desire to improve their production techniques so one day he or she can start a Brewery in Mexico.”

Cerveza Mexico 2011 Home Brew Competition

I wholly support any method to get more people trying, enjoying, buying and brewing craft beers not only in Mexico, but worldwide. Cheers to Rodolfo, the Cerveza Mexico 2011 committee members, home brew participants and winner Jorge Ringenbach! Keep the good beer dream alive.


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